My aquarium water is full of organic waste (dead leaves, fish excrement, uneaten food, etc.). How can I get rid of them?

My aquarium water is cloudy. What are the various types of ways I can clear it?

Is it possible to grow live plants in the Edge?

While Fluval already offers a full range of Edge-specific decor pieces, it is possible to grow plants requiring low light levels successfully in this aquarium. Species such as anubias, java fern and some cryptocorynes make ideal choices.

Can I modify the lighting on my Edge aquarium?

We recommend avoiding modifications of any kind as they will void the product warranty.

Can I keep a Betta fish in this tank due to the limited open surface area?

Yes. Like all fish, Bettas have gills and are capable of breathing in dissolved oxygen. The surface area exposed in the Edge (under the cover) is sufficient for Bettas to take in air, if desired.

Do you offer any water care products to help clear up a cloudy aquarium?

How can I fix the most common aquarium water issues?

How do you prevent algae growth?

How do I remove algae in my aquarium that may be accumulating on the inside glass surface?

Whether it is visible or not, algae removal needs to be a regular weekly maintenance task. This is performed simply by going over the inner glass surface with a pad or an aquarium magnet, such as the Fluval Razor+ 2-in-1 Algae Magnet (#11083 & #11084).

I heard tap water can be harmful to fish. Is this true?

How do you clean an aquarium?

This is my first aquarium. Do you have any general decorating tips?

How do I know what substrate is best for my aquarium?

How do you cycle an aquarium?

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