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Spec/Evo/Flex BIOMAX, 60 g (2.1 oz)

SKU: A1378 | UPC: 015561113786
Format: 60 g (2.1 oz)
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BioMax provides effective biological filtration, which helps eliminate fish waste and results in a healthier overall aquarium environment.

BioMax is suitable for:
SPEC 2.6 G (10 L) ( Item# 10517, 10515)
SPEC 5 G (19 L) ( Item# 10516, 10518)
EVO 5 G (19 L) ( Item# 10528)
EVO 13.5 G (52 L) aquarium ( Item# 10531)
FLEX 9G (34 L) ( Item# 15004)
FLEX 15G (57 L) ( Item# 15006/15007)

  • Provides critical stage 3 biological filtration
  • Large surface area provides optimal colonization of beneficial bacteria
  • Enhances the elimination of fish wastes, resulting in a healthier aquarium environment

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