Why does my LED light unit appear dimmer than when I bought it several months ago?

First, make sure your original light settings have not been dimmed. Next, verify if your lens has any accumulation of deposits (minerals, algae, etc.), which can significantly block light passage. If this is the case, use the Fluval Lens Cleaning Kit (#A3969) on a weekly basis to ensure you are keeping light levels consistent and maintaining optimal conditions for coral growth.

Is PAR value really important when it comes to aquarium lighting?

PAR is a measure of light energy present within the visible light spectrum. If you don’t have the required spectrum for your application, lighting power is certainly less important. Spectrum is the single most important parameter when considering lighting: color temperature and light intensity are secondary factors. To make PAR more relevant, be aware of the PAR value that the coral was grown under, and match that value.

How do I download the FluvalSmart App?

Search “FluvalSmart” and download the App for free in the Google Play store (Android) or App Store (iOS).

How do I locate and pair the light to my mobile device?

Click “+” and scan, select the device(s) that need to be added. Always make sure to select the red boxed check mark after selecting your light unit.

Why did my connection fail when I clicked on the paired light?

Try to reconnect first. If that fails, unplug or cut off the power to your device and make a reconnection once it’s turned on again.

How do I know if my light parameters are entered correctly?

When connected to the light, you can inspect the light setting parameters/time chart.

How do I save my light settings?

Click “Export” and save your customized settings.

Can I copy/paste my settings if I connect a 2nd light?

Yes. First, enter your desired light settings on the first light and save your profile (naming it “Light 1”, for example). Next, open the second light in the app. Select the Export feature, and you should see the name of your first light setting (“Light 1”) along with any other preset light profiles. Select “Light 1” and hit the Export command: both lights will now be using the same settings.

Can I view my settings before I make them live?

Yes, there is a “Preview” function for this purpose. After your settings are entered, Preview shows your 24-hour light schedule in one minute.

Can I undo or revert back to older light settings if I don’t like my newly entered parameters?

If you have saved your previous settings, you can return/import them. Otherwise, you will need to enter them manually again.

Is the FluvalSmart App compatible with all Android and iOS devices?

The FluvalSmart App supports Android systems above 4.3 and iOS systems above 8.0. With the abundance of phones on the market, Fluval cannot guarantee that all customers will have the same mobile app experience. Should you find any bugs, please contact us so we can debug and release an updated version.

The FluvalSmart app is requesting a password/pin number. What should I do?

The default password/pin number is 000000.

How will the light run after a sudden power failure?

If in Manual mode, the light will continue to operate as it was before powering down. If in Auto mode, once powered back on, the light will run starting from 00:00 and will require connection to a mobile device with the app to have its clock reset to the current time. If you are not present after a power failure, we recommend having someone with the app connect to your light unit and re-establish the correct time.

How can I identify one light if there are several paired lights together in a room?

There is a specific function to find your light. Click the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner and the lamp will flash to present itself.

What’s the remote distance to operate my light using a mobile device?

Around 40 feet (12 meters) or less.

What happens when I exit the App?

Whether it’s in Manual or Automatic mode, the LED iMap will continue to operate in the same mode it was in before you exited..

How can I manange my device list if there are too many devices showing?

If too many devices are showing in the device list, or you don’t need all of them any longer, you can swipe left on any row and select “remove” to delete them.

Can I connect a basic timer to this LED?

Yes, this is possible.

Why do some of the LEDs on my Marine LED appear to not be working?

The LEDs you perceive as not working are, in fact, emitting light at a wavelength of 400nm, which is barely visible to the human eye.

I purchased a new Bluetooth LED light and noticed the unit seems very warm to the touch, should I be concernced?

No. Depending on the specific environment and ambient room temperature in which your light units are in, the surface temperature of Bluetooth LED light units can be expected to operate between 105 deg. F (40 deg. C) and 135 deg. F (57 deg. C).

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