I just purchased an SP sump pump. Should I hard plumb my aquarium or go with flexible hosing?

Fluval pumps include various fittings that allow you to consider both options. For the average hobbyist, we usually recommend flexible hosing as it has greater noise-dampening properties and requires less use of elbows and other fittings that can diminish pump output performance. It is also easier to replace, if necessary.

Why is air entering my aquarium after setting up an SP sump pump?

A bubble trap located within the sump, after the output of your skimmer, can help prevent this issue – we recommend installing one. Otherwise, the pump inlet may be drawing air from the surface. If this is the case, we recommend installing an elbow of the same diameter as your pump inlet and directing it towards the bottom of the sump.

My aquarium system’s hard plumbing is of a different diameter than Fluval sump pumps’ 1.25″ fittings. What should I do?

Adapters are readily available at various plumbing part retailers – you shouldn’t have any issues hooking up Fluval sump pumps.

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