What general maintenance tips should I follow for this product?

Fluval SEA CP Series Circulation Pumps are easy to operate, and even easier to maintain.

Can I use this product for my freshwater tank?

Yes. Many freshwater fish come from natural waterways with strong currents – using this product will help replicate these natural conditions. Always do proper research on the fish you keep to ensure they are kept in the right type of environment.

I noticed my CP pump started to reverse flow after I had re-installed it after maintenance. Why has this happened?

It’s likely that the rubber stop located on the inside of the top half of the pump cage was lost during maintenance. It will need to be replaced.

I’ve noticed my CP pump output has diminished over time. Why?

This may be caused by the pump cage accumulating debris. Make sure to regularly clear any blockages and check the condition of your impeller.

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